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Cuba at Qatar Ozone Meeting
A delegation from the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) joined since Sunday discussions of the Eighth joint meeting of the parties' conference of the Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer.

The group, comprised of CITMA Environment Agency president Gisela Alonso Dominguez, also participates in the 20th meeting of the Protocol of Montreal's parties on substances affecting the ozone layer.

The event will run until November 20 in this capital and is the first promoted by the UN Environmental Program.

Environment Minister of this emirate Abdulla bin Mubarak Abud Al-Midhadhi announced at the opening of the conference the donation of a significant number of personal computers and software.

Al-Midhadhi stated that the volume of papers used in the world organization conferences and printer's ink decreases almost 70 percent with those laptops.

Also reducing are emissions of greenhouse effect gases provoked during the transportation of documents and publications to and from the places of the meetings.

The Cuban delegation is also made up of CITMA Ozone Office director Nelson Espinosa Pena, and the island's ambassador to Qatar Armando Vergara Bueno.


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