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Theater Guerrilla in Cuban Mountains

The cultural project Guerrilla de Teatreros (Theater Guerrilla), which takes art to faraway areas, will kick off its 18th annual tour this month.<br /> Read More

Guerrilla de Teatreros from Granma, Cuba has been awarded

In 2008, for the fifth consecutive time, the Guerrilla de Teatreros, received the flag that awards them as a National Avant-garde of the Trade Union of the Culture workers in the south eastern Cuban province of Granma. Read More

Theater Season Kicks off in Camagüey, Cuba

Camagüey-based Teatro del viento theater group opened the season of this discipline here that will extend until next Sunday, with the participation of local ensembles and others coming from different parts of Cuba. Read More

Dramatic Group Carries out Cultural Days in Las Tunas, Cuba

The dramatic group Teatro del Viento from Camaguey province is carrying out several <br /> performances in this city will until today. Read More

Communitarian theater to go through Cuban mountains

Thousands of inhabitants from the Sierra Maestra, the biggest Cuban massif, will enjoy the 18th yearly tour of the socio-cultural communitarian project Guerrilla de Teatreros. Read More

Street Theater in Matanzas, Cuba

Street theater bursts into neighborhoods in Matanzas province from March 18th-22nd, with presentations of groups from around the country and guests from Spain and Chile.<br /> Read More

13th Havana’s International Theatre Festival

The Cuban National Council on Performing Arts (CNAE) is inviting artists from around the world to take part in the 13th International Theatre Festival, dedicated to the 50 years of Cuban Theatre under the Revolution, set for October 30th to November 8th, 2009, in Havana. Venues include Havana theatres, conference halls and open spaces. Read More

In Habana: Tattoo

Playing at the Tito Junco hall of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Centre, the first thing that drew my attention about Tattoo was the spatial location of the players, standing on each end of the stage, with their backs to the audience, absorbed in their own particular worlds. Read More

Call to the IV George Woodyard Theatre Latin American Award

Original non première woks in Spanish language can take part in the competition, regardless of the topic they are about.<br /> Read More

Cuban Caribbean Theater to Stage El Venerable

Cuban Theater company Teatro Caribeño will premiere again &quot;El venerable&quot;, during the coming week, in co-production with the company Siyaj, from Guadalupe Island, inspired in a Yoruba (religion and mythology) legend with the Orishas (Yoruba gods) Orula and Eleggua as main characters. Read More

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