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Las Tunas, Cuba Enjoys Days of Villanueva Theater

The days of Villanueva Theater began in the eastern province of Las Tunas with the prize to the outstanding actress Veronica Hinojosa Cardoso for her lifelong work. Read More

The second Portuguese tour of the Cuban children theater group La Colmenita to end

The Cuban children theater group La Colmenita ended very successfully its second tour around Portugal, after performing in nine important Portuguese cities in less than two weeks.<br /> Read More

Medea: A Bliss For Cuban Theater

While faithful to Euripides character, the Cuban author’s Medea stands much closer to contemporary audiences. Read More

An event for Cuban Theater

The 2009 Cuban Theater Event is taking place in the main theaters from the capital, in tribute to the 140th anniversary of the Villanueva events. Read More

The Children’s Cuban theater group "La Colmenita" to greet in Seville the Anniversary of the Revolution.

The Children’s theater group La Colmenita greeted the fiftieth anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, with a show in the city of Seville, the final stop in a tour around the region of Andalusia, Spain. Read More

Cuban Children Theater Group Finishes Tour of Andalusia

The Cuban children´s theater group La Colmenita celebrated the triumph of the Cuban Revolution with a ceremony in Seville, Spain where they finished a tour of Andalusia. Read More

In Cuba: José Martí Art Instructors Brigade in 50th Anniversary Guerilla

The José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BIAJM in Spanish) is undertaking until next January 8th, 2009 one of the greatest cultural routes of these last five years since that movement was constituted: the 50th Anniversary Brigade. Read More

The US doctor and clown Patch Adams to plan the creation of Medical schools in Africa

The US doctor and clown Hunter Patch Adams, the creator of laugh therapy, announced here that he is planning to open in his country and in Africa a medical school similar to the one in Cuba. Read More

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