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Cuban Caribbean Theater to Stage El Venerable
Orula, the god of divination, plays the character of the Grand Lord, and Eleggua is the owner of all the roads and doors in the world. They are both portrayed in the theatre performance by humans who play those main characters. Both confront a fight for power.

The character of Orula is performed by Guadalupe actor Gilbert Laumord, who is considered one of the most outstanding actors of his generation, and also a dancer, musician and theatre director.

The character of Eleggua is performed by Cuban actor Nelson Gonzalez, who is part of the first generation of graduated of the Istitute of Superior Art, in 1981, with an outstanding trajectory in cinema, theatre and TV.

This theatre play was also presented at the Festival in Fort de France, Martinique and at the Festival of the Theatre de L’Épee de Bois (Paris), performed by actor and director of the company Siyaj, Gilbert Laumord, and Nelson Gonzalez, from Teatro Caribeño.


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