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August 18th

Cuba adds a silver and a bronze medals in Rio

The Cuban delegation won yesterday one silver and one bronze medal through Greco-Roman wrestler Yasmany Lugo and discus thrower Denia Caballero, respectively, in the Olympic Games held in Rio, Brazil. Read More

August 16th

5 things you should know before traveling to Cuba

If you are planning a trip to Cuba then you should know these five things before you go Read More

Cuban boxer La Cruz goes for gold in Rio 2016

Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz (81 kg) reached the final of the boxing tournament of Rio 2016 Olympic Games hosted by Rio. Read More

August 16th

Cuban wrestler Mijain Lopez wins third title in Olympics

Cuban Mijain Lopez (130 kg) achieved the triple Olympic crown by beating 6-0 Turkish Riza Kayaalp in the final of the Greco-Roman wrestling tournament of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Read More

Madonna celebrating her birthday in Old Havana, Cuba

Madonna celebrating her birthday in La Vitrola restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba Read More

Madonna dancing on a table in a Cuban restaurant

Madonna dancing on a table in the Cuban restaurant La Vitrola in Old Havana. Read More

Madonna celebrates her 58th birthday in Cuba

The famous American singer Madonna arrived in Cuba to celebrate her 58th birthday and posted on her instagram profile a picture of her stay on the island with the message "Cuba Libre." Read More

August 12th

Cuban roller gets to a third of record breaking cigar

The new world's largest cigar has already a third of its final length, which will reach next August 12th in this city in the hands of its creator, the renowned cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto). Read More

Revolico website unblocked in Cuba

After more than eight years blocked in Cuba, the online classifieds site has returned to the on-line Cuban world. Read More

Three-time world champion Alvarez secured bronze medal in boxing

Cuban Lazaro Alvarez (60 kg) secured the bronze medal in the boxing tournament of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Read More