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March 31st

A young Cuban is interviewed by the First Lady

During her visit to Cuba, the First Lady met Talia to learn more about the daily life of a young student in Cuba. Read More

Cuba welcomes Colombian government-ELN agreement

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the agreement reached between the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN), in a statement released on March 30 Read More

Eliades Ochoa and Alejandro Almenares: "Two giants of Cuban music"

In 2015 Mo Fini Of Tumi Music decided to invite two of giants of Cuban guitarists Eliades Ochoa and Alejandro Almenares to record this historic CD. This is a fascinating accounts of their encounter in Santiago de Cuba during that year. Read More

Cuba: 2-Currency System

Cuba is a country with one political party and two currencies. There are CUCs, or convertible pesos, mainly for tourists and the wealthy. And there are Cuban pesos, which is what almost all Cubans are paid in — and what they use daily. Read More

March 30th

Cuba Paradise Beach: Third among the top 25 beaches in the world

The Cuban tourist resort Playa Paraiso, famous for its clear waters and the whiteness of the sand has been placed as the third among the top 25 beaches in the world, according to a list prepared by the travel website Trip Advisor. Read More

Air Europa includes new destination in Cuba

Starting next July 14, the company Air Europa will include a new destination in Cuba within its portfolio of flights to the Caribbean and the island. Read More

Spanish singer Raphael to perform in Havana

It is expected that the popular Spanish singer Raphael perform in Havana on October 20. The project would become a reality thanks to Malaga Company "Galas Metropolitanas" and the authorization of the Cuban Institute of Music. Read More

Maroon 5 could perform in Cuba soon

Cuba is still digesting two unexpected and sensational shows, the concerts of Major Lazer and The Rolling Stones, attended by almost half a million and 1.2 million people respectively. Read More

William Levy visits Cuba

The popular Cuban-born actor William Levy is visiting Cuba, and he has confirmed it on his personal Twitter account, with comments and photos through the city. Read More

March 29th

¡Hola, Cuba!

This week, the First Family traveled to both Cuba and Argentina in a history-making trip, to deepen the ties between the United States and Cuba, and the rest of the Western Hemisphere. Read More