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January 30th

Havana as you have never seen it

Spectacular images of Havana, the capital of all Cubans, in Time-lapse Read More

January 29th

Cuban Health Ministry confirms no cases of Zika virus in Cuba

The Cuban Health Ministry says that so far no case of Zika virus has been confirmed on the island. Authorities recommend that anyone with the following conditions consult a doctor immediately: muscle and joint pain, fever, headache, conjunctivitis or rash. Read More

Alan Gross believes that lifting the embargo against Cuba would create jobs in the US

Alan P. Gross, who was accused by the Cuban government of spying for American intelligence in January 2010 and sentenced in 2011 for "acts against the integrity and independence of the Cuban state" which took him five years in prison on the island, said on his twitter account that lifting the US embargo on Cuba would create about 33,000 jobs in America. Read More

Spanish businessmen highlight investment opportunities in Cuba

During a meeting organized by the Spanish Confederation of Organizations (CEOE) with representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy and Competitiveness, Spanish businessmen and government officials have extolled the business opportunities that Cuba offers right now. Read More

Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco, Cuba. The beaches are outstanding! The water is crystal clear and there is plenty of aquatic life to see. Read More

Vogue: "Cuba is becoming a serious culinary destination"

The famous American magazine of fashion and lifestyle, Vogue, arrived in Havana this year, not to photograph a beautiful model like Vanity Fair did with Rihanna a few months ago, but to plunge deep into the culinary scene of the island. Read More

Only three days of its release, "Traidora" reaches 1 million views on YouTube

The video clip "Traidora", by the popular Cuban duo Gente de Zona with the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony, today reached 1 million views on YouTube in just three days of its international release. Read More