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The White House will decide in the coming months Obama's visit to Cuba

The decision of President Barack Obama's visit to Cuba, will be analyzed in the coming months, said Ben Rhodes deputy national security adviser, on Saturday. Read More

Route of Cubans to leave Costa Rica

On December 28, after more than six weeks of a crisis that has brought thousands of Cubans to stay on Costa Rican soil, the country's Foreign Ministry issued an official statement announcing the agreement between Central American nations for the safe and ordered movement of Cuban migrants. Read More

Ozzy Osbourne is in Havana

The legendary British singer Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath, arrived this weekend to Havana with his son Jack Osbourne, on a private visit which will run along almost a week. Read More

Tropicana of Cuba presents the show: Oh, Havana!

Tropicana of Cuba, celebrating its 76th anniversary, presenting the show: Oh, Havana! Read More