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November 11th

Canadian tour operator Sunwing adds flights to Cuba

Tour operator Sunwing, Canada, will launch today its flights in the tourist center of Santiago de Cuba in the winter season, to ratify that market is the main source of tourists in the Caribbean nation. Read More

November 10th

WFDY pointed out Cuba as an example to follow

Members of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, WFDY, stressed the resistance of the Cuban people and the role of the new generations of Cubans in the defense of the Socialist Revolution, during a session of the International Commission of the Cuban Communist League, held on Monday. Read More

Washington and Havana agree to boost collaboration related to security

Cuban and US officials agreed to boost bilateral collaboration in issues related to security, such as the fight on terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundry and trafficking in persons. Read More

Mexican entrepreneurs prepare a business mission to Cuba

Jose Calzada, Mexican Minister of Agriculture, Ranching, Rural Development, Fishing and Food, announced for November 26 to 28 a working visit to Cuba heading a business mission following a cooperation accord signed with Cuba´s Food minister Maria del Carmen Concepción. Read More

Mexico and Cuba signed migratory agreement

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Cuban Raul Castro signed an agreement on migration, which updates the bilateral memorandum of 2008, in which both countries had agreed to "strengthen mechanisms to prevent and combat illegal migration, trafficking in persons and all crimes associated with this (...).” Read More

Buena Vista Social Club took its "Farewell Tour" to Puerto Rico

With two-hour concert at the Coliseum Roberto Clemente in San Juan, the iconic and unique Cuban group Buena Vista Social Club put the closure in Puerto Rico to the US tour. Read More

Cuba and Japan interested in relaunching economic cooperation

Cuban and Japanese entrepreneurs are identifying business opportunities that will strengthen and expand cooperation in key sectors for economic development of the island, such as agriculture, energy and health. Read More

Cuban medical brigade has treated about 30 million Hondurans

The Cuban doctors arrived in Honduras 17 years ago to offer assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch, but later the two governments signed a protocol to maintain the medical services for a longer time in different regions with scarce medical support. Read More

November 9th

Cuba and the US hold joint meeting on law enforcement

Cuba and the United States are holding their joint meeting on law enforcement with the objective of strengthening bilateral cooperation in the area of security, according to the Cuban Foreign Ministry. Read More

Four Cuban entrepreneurs talk about the key to their business success

Four of the most outstanding Cuban entrepreneurs gave a talk on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain, to explain to the public how their businesses work and their aspirations and plans for the near future. Robin Pedraja, Vistar Magazine; Elio Hector Lopez "The Transporter" from El Paquete Semanal (the Weekly Package); Luis Manuel Mazorra, CiberCuba; and Hiram Centelles from Revolico. Read More