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October 29th

German airline starts flights to Cuba

German airline Eurowings of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG group, will start -from November2nd -services to Cuba with the addition of two weekly flights from Cologne/Bonn to Varadero. Read More

New amphibian of 14 mm long is discovered in Eastern Cuba

Cuban scientists announced the discovery of a new species of small amphibian called Eleutherodactylus beguei. Read More

Cuba needs foreign investment to increase drilling projects

Cuba’s Cupet Oil Company stressed the importance of attracting foreign investment to increase drilling projects and with it achieve larger oil production. Read More

European royalty does not want to stay out: Caroline of Monaco is in Cuba

Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Monaco and soon to be Princess of Hanover is in Havana since Tuesday 27. Read More

Cuba opens a training course against disaster risks

Cuba opened a training course for experts with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in subjects related to mitigation of disaster risks in the event of natural phenomena. Read More

The US justifies opposition to lift embargo

In a speech well distanced from the universal claim of eliminating the criminal siege and alien to the principles of international law and reality, the US representative recalled the aspiration of his government in this regard, following the agreements reached with Havana in 2014 and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations on July 20. Read More

October 27th

Vietnam’s deputy Defense Minister visits Cuba

Vietnam’s deputy Defense minister Do Ba Ty kicked off an official visit to Cuba on Monday, whose first activity was homage to Independence Hero Antonio Maceo at his Mausoleum to the west of the Cuban capital. Read More

UN General Assembly votes against embargo on Cuba

With 191 votes in favor of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo on Cuba, the international community expressed once again its massive and overwhelming rejection of this policy implemented over five decades. Read More

Matteo Renzi, President of Italy’s Council of Minister pays visit to Cuba

Matteo Renzi, President of Italy’s Council of Ministers is paying an official visit to Cuba. Read More

UN representatives against the embargo on Cuba

Members of the United Nations (UN) in New York today reaffirmed support for the Cuban claim of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed for more than five decades, which limits normal development of its people. Read More