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September 28th

Namibia: Cuban Doctors Become Costly

NAMIBIA and Cuba are negotiating a deal for medical personnel that, if it goes through, will cost the Namibian government N$1,3 million per person for a two-year period - close to 50% more than the current agreement. Currently, the fee is N$647 621 per person. There are 52 Cuban medical personnel in the country as part of the current agreement. Read More

Northern Ireland politicians to visit Cuba to study the island’s health system

The group will travel to the Caribbean in December on a fact-finding mission to observe Cuba’s healthcare system — at a cost of £6,000. Read More

Cuban Americans Deserve Better "Choices" on Election Day

Last week presidential candidates from both parties came to South Florida to speak to the heart of the Latino community. Miami is often a backdrop for candidates seeking our approval. They make the rounds to Versailles for cafecito, they visit our local businesses and factories, and speak to us in hopes that their words and charm hook us into voting for them. Read More

Cuba Will Host Fishing Tournament in Key Guillermo

Cuba is country with several tourist destinations. Its rich culture, the natural attractions, the history and its wonderful people make the Caribbean island one the most amazing for relaxing holidays. Cuba will soon be host of the third annual International Fishing Tournament Jardines del Rey, known as "Big Game Trolling", from 15 to 20 October. Read More

Cuba, China to strengthen economic, trade ties

Top officials from Cuba and China reaffirmed here Wednesday their commitment to strengthening bilateral economic and trade ties. Read More

September 27th

Intense fight GM Dominguez and GM Nakamura ends in draw

Nakamura came with a fresh and surprising opening today, playing 3…Nge7 on the Spanish opening, so called the Cozio defence. Both players were playing very slowly spending each an hour for the first 6 moves! Read More

WBC announces venues, pools

Two-time defending champion Japan and Cuba will face off in the first round of pool play in next year's World Baseball Classic. Home-field advantage: Japan. Read More

Cuba Airs Tape Questioning Dissident Hunger Strike

Cuban state television aired images Tuesday night raising questions about the recent hunger strike by a prominent dissident. Read More

Cuba tests prostate cancer vaccine: scientists

Cuban scientists said Monday that they have concluded the second round of clinic trial of a potential vaccine against prostate cancer. Read More

September 26th

Senators urge Cuba to release American Alan Gross

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators has sent a letter to Cuban President Raul Castro urging the release of an American contractor jailed in Cuba for nearly three years, saying his detention is "a major obstacle" to improving relations. Read More