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Travelers Staggered by Cuba's New Customs Taxes

A steep hike in customs duties took effect in Cuba on Monday, catching many air travelers unaware and leaving some shocked at the new fees. Read More

Cuba Supports Colombia Peace Process

The Cuban government on Tuesday confirmed its active support for dialogue in the peace process opened between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to an official statement by the Cuban Foreign Ministry. Read More

Cuba will study the effect of radio waves on health, climate and earthquakes

Cuban scientists are working together with specialists from the Autonomous University of Mexico to foster research on the effects of low frequencies, generated in the planet's spectrum, called Schumann resonance (SR). Read More

Deep Renewal of Cuban Sugar Industry

The president of the Sugar Technicians Association of Cuba (ATAC), Eduardo Lamadrid, affirmed today this country applies measures to carry out a profound transformation of this sector in the structural, organizational and strategic spheres. Read More