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Russian tourists invade Cuba

Cuba is experiencing a Russian invasion – but of a purely cultural kind. Read More

Jimmy Carter: Cuba Relations Should Be Improved By Next President

Former President Jimmy Carter says anti-Castro leaders in Florida have a major and exaggerated influence on the presidential election in that battleground state. Read More

Cuba Starts Tobacco Harvest in Robaina Plantations

Tobacco growers in Vueltabajo, cradle to the best tobacco, will start tomorrow by watering the seedbeds as they initiate the 2012 campaign. Read More

Photographer Ilya Genin shows faces of Cuba at Art Way Gallery

Sixty-one of the photographs he took on that trip and the many others he has made to Cuba since then are currently on display at the Art Way Gallery in Plainsboro. Read More

Colombia president rejects FARC proposal for truce

President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday night rejected a proposal by Colombia's main leftist rebel movement to observe a cease-fire during peace talks that are to begin next month in Norway. Read More

William Levy once again People en Español's sexiest man

William Levy, who once again this year has been named sexiest man by People en Español, told the magazine there is no basis to rumors that he plans to wed girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez, the mother of his two children. Read More

Cuba experiments with debit cards in dollar stores

Country has unique dual-currency system; most salaries are paid in pesos, which are worth about 24 to the dollar Read More

Venezuela confirms start-up of oil exploration off Cuba

State-owned oil giant Petroleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA, has started exploring for oil in deepwater areas off Cuba, Oil and Mining Minister Rafael Ramirez said. Read More