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Oswaldo Payá, Cuban Leader of Petition Drive for Human Rights, Dies at 60

Oswaldo Payá, an eloquent Cuban activist who spent decades trying to build a grass-roots movement that would compel the government of Fidel and Raúl Castro to allow more freedom and human rights, died on Sunday in a car crash in eastern Cuba. He was 60. Read More

Members of Solidarity Caravan Pastor for Peace Arrive in Cuba

More than 60 members of the 23 Pastors for Peace Caravan, which collected hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid in Canada and the United States  arrived in Cuba arrive on Saturday after two decades of the creation of this movement in 1992. Read More

Ian Padron to attend Traverse City Film Festival Feature

The Cuban filmmaker will participate as a judge in the contest which will run from July 31 to August 5. Read More

Cuba is the winner after 14 years of the Haarlem baseball week

<br /> The hard fought game gave Cuba its fifth straight victory after having lost the first two opening round games to Puerto Rico and the USA, the same teams that fell victim to Cuba in the semifinal and final match ups. Read More