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Russia Seeks Naval Bases in Cold War Allies Cuba, Vietnam

Russia is in talks to set up naval bases in former Cold War allies Cuba and Vietnam as President Vladimir Putin undertakes the country’s biggest military overhaul since the Soviet era. Read More

Cuban lawmakers met to consider Castro's reforms

Cuba's National Assembly gathered Monday for one of its twice-a-year legislative sessions, with the country's economic reform plans, a new tax system and budgetary issues front and center on the agenda. Read More

Cuba Closes ‘Street Opera’ Project

One-hundred and thirty Cuban families have lost their source of income due to the closing of the “El Cabildo” cultural project, where they had worked putting on a regular musical show that mixed opera, zarzuela (Spanish musical comedy), rock, pop and Cuban rhythms – including those of African religions. Read More

Triathlon: American Olympic dream rooted in Cuba

For Huerta, competing in London represents a down payment on a larger debt owed to the country that took in his grandmother, when she fled Cuba in a mass emigration in 1980 known as the Mariel boatlift. Read More

Cuban police told Paya widow he died from a head trauma in single-car accident

The widow of leading Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas Wednesday said a police investigator told her he died from a head trauma in a single-car accident, but gave her no evidence and declared that “the revolution does not murder anyone.” Read More