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Manuel Alonso Sanchez is a private sector worker involved in the XIII Trade Fair Havana, uses space to publicize the activity of this sector in the island, its contribution to the economy and show their products.

Producer of rubber parts for cars and industries, this man who dominates the offices of lathe, milling and auto mechanic, is highly esteemed in the combined polygraph Holguin, which assures components for printing equipment, which prevents imports.

"Fabrico guardafilos poles of the rotary printing press, as well as suction cups and caps for machines of different types, including collating books."

But Manuel has come to this important event with the purpose of promoting other creations, as the inset of the transmission system of Chinese and Japanese trucks of various brands.

"According to my research, this element is part of a whole which, when broken, has to import a complete system. But to make the in-between here, are recovered elsewhere. Working on the basis of mixed rubber and use instruments to measure hardness. My product has the form and quality of the original. "

Conversationalist and plans in mind that you become very active at 76 years, Manuel presents its productions Rubber Monino to secure a nickname with which he is known since childhood.


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