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The last words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in Havana before leaving the Vatican were devoted among other things to criticize the U.S. embargo against the island. He also expressed his wish that all Cubans enjoy full freedom. With this speech he said goodbye to the island after three days of stay, taking a game season.

The pope has insisted that harmony prevails between the Cubans and "noble values​​". "No one is prevented from joining this exciting work by limiting their freedoms, or relieved of her because of neglect or lack of material resources-Joseph Ratzinger said. This situation is aggravated if restrictive economic measures imposed from outside the country weigh negatively on the population. "

The Pope reflected on general problems of humanity. He said it is "urgent" in human society, nationally and internationally, "was banished entrenched positions and points of view tend to make unilateral understanding more difficult and ineffective collaborative effort." "Any discrepancies and difficulties have been tirelessly seeking to solve what unites everyone, patient and sincere dialogue, mutual understanding and loyal listener will accept targets carrying new hope," concluded the Joseph Ratzinger, who has been fired by President Raul Castro.

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