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The next May the western province Pinar del Rio will host the first festival dedicated to sea turtles is organized in Cuba. Specifically, the activities will take place in La Coloma, a fishing community located near the regions where these animals make their nests.

The festival aims to contribute to the preservation of these reptiles in the keys of St. Philip, south of the archipelago favorite place for the ancient inhabitants of the ocean to lay their eggs, told Prensa Latina Elisha Luis Peraza, one of the coordinators of the initiative .

During the special party hosted by the World Wildlife Fund, and other related organizations, both fishermen and their families may attend conversations about the threats they are exposed to these creatures, endangered, he said.

A tenth contest inspired by the protection of sea encouraged the celebration, which will also include powers of masks and costumes.

Through drawings, paintings and crafts-Peraza-explained, children, youth and adults of the seaside village recreated habitat and lifestyle of animals, once revered by some cultures that fish called shields. National Park In San Felipe Keys spawn from May to September 3 species of sea turtles (hawksbill, loggerhead and green) under conservation projects.

The count and the protection of clutches until hatching is one of the experts led by the place, along with environmental education efforts in communities around the area.

Key Real, is the most visited by reptiles, also frequently spotted in Cayo Coco, Sijú and Juan Garcia.

The Biosphere Reserve Guanahacabibes peninsula, is one of the sites in this western province -140 km west of Havana, where the turtles arrive.

There are expected on the beaches by locals, scientists and students, who care for the females and their nests during the spawning period, in addition to monitoring the infants until they are returned to the sea.

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