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January 26th

Charanga Habanera and Eddy K: The Big Ones?

Charanga Habanera and Eddy K latest video clip, singing together, fits perfectly to this axiom, the issue repeats itself in demonstrating, excuse me to say so, that they are the big ones and the school. They are certainly right about that they are completely the noble well-educated lords of triviality and aesthetics completely foreign to the principles of our national identity. And the video clip is there to prove so. Read More

Opportune diagnoses for the health

Among the participant reports in the Tenth Fifth National Forum of Science and Technique, it is the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Sancti Spíritus, on the production of pregnancy diagnosticians and rotavirus. Read More

Website launched devoted to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti

The Jose Marti website of the office of Marti Programs was officially presented on Wednesday in Havana to spread information about the life, work and thinking of the world-famous Cuban. Read More

Rehabilitation benefits to mountain people from Sancti Spiritus

The program dedicated to the rehabilitation in Sancti Spíritus' mountainous areas benefitted last year to about 7 700 suffered patients of different ailments. These services of health toasts in 16 of the 22 television rooms that alternate their functions in the province, besides being centers culture promoters and information, they are also important areas to the service of the health. Read More

Education conference opens in Havana

A total of 5,500 educators from 30 countries will attend the "Pedagogy 2007" education conference in which a record total of 2,411 works will be presented Read More

January 25th

Underground beauty in Western Cuba

Varadero beach, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the major coastal resort in the Caribbean Island. However, near the city of Matanzas, the provincial capital, are the Bellamar Caves, a true underground treasure that complements the region's tourist attractions. Read More

Cuba expounds on its advances at World Social Forum

"The Cuban revolution has been and will be a fortress of socialism in Latin America and of resistance to imperialism," said Cuban legislator and economist Osvaldo Martinez Tuesday, speaking at the Seventh World Social Forum (WSF). Martinez, chairman of the Cuban parliaments Economic Affairs Committee, participated on a panel on critical thinking and social struggle in Latin America that included well-known intellectuals and professors. Read More

The alley of fantasy

Its walls and sidewalks are daubed with overflowing paintbrushes of fantasy. It seems a legend panorama and there's plenty of truth in that, because the reality is that neighbors delighted by the fiction have also established its residence in the alley of Benicia Perdomo. Read More

Ernesto Che Guevara exhibit

The largest exhibit area in the island, Expocuba, inaugurated a sample marking the 40th anniversary of the Argentinean-Cuban-Guerrilla Fighter Ernesto Che Guevara's death occurred in Bolivia, October 9th, 1967. Photos of his life and work are on display in the Che desde siempre Salon, whose inaugurating strip was cut off last week Saturday by his daughter Aleida Guevara and Brigade General Harry Villegas, National Vice-president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

The tourist company of Old Havana is growing

Habaguanex S.A., the tourist company that manages the recreation in the old part of the Cuban capital, informed that their operations are growing, specially their hotels that have a proven intimism. An official dossier received by Prensa Latina, points out that the firm that was created in 1994 became a tourist company in dynamic expansion, and is looking for the best quality standards. Read More