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January 25th

Young artist from plastic arts selected for Italian contest.

The young painter from Bauta, Denys San Jorge Rodríguez was selected to participate in the international exhibition ARSLATINA in Antichi Forni, Macerata, Italy, with a piece from the series Hijo de papá (Son of Dad) (a mixed-metal technique, in which he uses holography, dry end and silk screen, engraving techniques...). To this contest came more than 60 artists from plastic arts from all over Latin America. Read More

3rd International Congress on Technology, Multimedia and Virtual Reality call

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the 3rd International Congress on Technology, Multimedia and Virtual Reality, that will take place from February 12th-16th, 2007, at Havana's Conventional Center of Cuba, in the middle of the 12th International Fair of Informatics "INFORMATICA 2007." Read More

Theater National Prize laureates

Maestro, playwright and Papalote theatre director René Fernández is the first National Theatre Prize winning-puppet and children script writer. Good news because it was time enough that sector of the Cuban scenic arts received the attention of a non-Havana-based creator. Read More

January 24th

A mythological being, the first Cuban woman with driving license

By the name of Maria Calvo Nodarse was issued the first driving license issued to a woman in Havana at the beginning of the last century. Read More

Pachito Alonso in 2007

Asked about his working priorities in 2007, Pachito Alonso restless director of an acclaimed popular orchestra in our country tells: " In parallel with the responsibility as the orchestra director and follower of the musical legacy my father Pacho Alonso left, this year will put special emphasis on promoting the work of very-dear composer to me Juan Almeida". Read More

Philip Agee documentary

The Cuba-Irish connection of directors Roberto Ruiz and Bernie Dwyer has once again teamed up on a documentary: "One Man's Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA", which focuses on the dark side of United States foreign policy. Read More

Cuban Digital Dictionary widespread

Over 130,000 primary and high school students of three Cuban provinces are benefiting from learning with the Basic School Digital Dictionary. Read More

Posada pleads not guilty to inmigration fraud charges

International terrorist of Cuban origin, Luis Posada Carriles, the mastermind behind the blast of a Cubana airplane killing all 73 people on board in 1976, pleaded not guilty to immigration fraud charges, on Monday. Under heavy security measures, Posada, was transferred for the hearing from the Otero county jail in New Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. Read More

Science and Technology Forum opens in Havana

The ongoing national energy program, known here as the Energy Revolution, is on the spotlight of the 15th Science and Technology Forum, underway since Tuesday in Havana. Cuban innovators will make over 1000 presentations in three different commissions during the forum, Council of State official Eugenio Mainegra told PL news. Read More

Colombia Governor extols work of cuban teachers

Governor of the Colombian department of Boyaca, Jorge Eduardo Londono, has said in Havana that a group of 11 Cuban teachers in his territory are doing an excellent job. Londono and his group were met at the offices of the Cuban Parliament by Ramon Pez Ferro, president of the International Relations Commission. He pointed out the progress made by his people after the implementation of the Cuban teaching method "Yes, I can". Read More