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The essayist Roberto Méndez enters the Cuban Language Academy

The renowned essayist and poet Roberto Méndez, from Camagüey, has delivered his entrance speech to the Cuban language Academy Read More

Premiere of documentary on cuban journalist

The premiere of a documentary film entitled "Secrets from the Havana Malecón," about the life and work of the Cuban journalist Nestor Baguer, took place in Las Tunas Read More

A guitarra limpia show: Anhelos de Cofradía

After a short break, Cultural Centre Pablo de la Torriente Brau reinitiates its intense work. Read More

Dancing and painting in the work of Alicia

While the performances of El lago de los cisnes by the Cuban National Ballet is successfully presented at the Albeniz theater in Madrid; not far from it, at the Annta Gallery, in the presence of our Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, a singular Cuban visual arts exhibition was opened. Read More

Cuban cinema at its best since 2000

Said Omar Gonzalez, president of Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC) Read More

Dominica wins women's volleyball international

The Dominican Republic defeated Peru 3-1 to take the women's international volleyball tournament in Monterrey on Friday. Read More

Russia, Cuba begin new stage of interaction

Mikhail Fradkov said a new stage in cooperation between the two countries is opening. Read More

HEC finalizes 500 candidates to leave for Cuba in november to study medicine

Cuba has offered 1000 scholarships for Pakistani students to pursue graduate studies in General Comprehensive Medicine. Read More

Cuba is holding transportation trade fair

Shiny buses and trucks from China. Lada-and Volga-brand cars from Russia. Ambulances assembled from parts made in Brazil and Argentina Read More

Cubas Science Institutes: a bastion of humanity and peace

Cuba is the only country in the underdeveloped world that carries out technology transfers to highly industrialized nations Read More