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The renowned essayist and poet Roberto Méndez, from Camagüey, has delivered his entrance speech to the Cuban language Academy, as a Académico Correspondiente (Relevant Academic), on Wednesday, September 27. The ceremony has taken place on the venue of the Academy in the Dulce María Loynaz Center.. The dissertation of the new academic was about Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda.

Roberto Méndez is a member of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Union of Writters and Artists of Cuba) and of the Unión de Historiadores de Cuba (Union of Historians of Cuba), he is the vice-president of the Subsidiary of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation in Camagüey and a PhD in Art from the Arte del Instituto Superior de Arte (Higher Art Institute).

He has received many distinctions such as the Letra y Solfa Critic Award granted by the Alejo Carpentier Center, the 13 Marzo Award from the University of Havana, the award Por la Cultura Nacional (For the National Culture), granted by the Ministry of Culture, the Razón de ser (Reason of being) Award from the Alejo Carpentier Foundation and the Critic Annual Award on three different ocasions.

Source: Cubarte

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