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  • 09 / 30 / 2006

By Tony Piñera

While the performances of El lago de los cisnes - Swan Lake-, by the Cuban National Ballet are successfully presented at the pace setting Albeniz theater, located at the center of this city called la Puerta del Sol -the Sun's Door-; not far from it, at the Annta Gallery, was opened, in the presence of our Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, a singular Cuban visual arts exhibition, that includes dancing.

The outline is about a Portraits exhibition made by twelve outstanding Cuban artists, that, at the same time, belong to a group of artists that have left their footprint within the new Ballet of Alicia Alonso. Its premiere will be shown at the XXth International Ballet Festival in Havana; that on this occasion is taking place between October 28th to November 6th.

Annta and La Acacia's Arts Galleries, the latter located in the city of Havana , are the sponsors of this project, in which also the Espacios de Madrid's Arts Gallery is collaborating. It pays tribute to the relevant Ballet dancer Alicia Alonso and the the Cuban National Ballet, on the occasion of their visit to the Spanish city. The project shows a set of the daily works done by the participants, as well as some draft designs created for the Ballet, promotes the choreography of the Cuban Ballet's director, that, surely, will be exhibited here next year.

Significant personalities of the Visual Arts, like Roberto Fabelo and Alfredo Sosabravo, National Arts Awards winners; Zaida del Río, Ileana Mulet, Alicia Leal, Arturo Montoto, Cosme Proenza, Nelson Domínguez, Gólgota, Angel Ramírez, William Hernández and Ricardo Reymena, have created these works, which have drawn the attention of the public. Once there, the person will be able to see the Cuban artists' richness and imagination that show their personal style and tell their own way of conceiving the arts.

A Portrait's exhibition on Alicia Alonso's Ballet is inspired in the work of the same name by Russian composer, Modest Mussorgski, originally conceived for piano and orchestra. The work suggests a hypothetical visit to an arts exhibition. Each musical interpretation corresponds to a different picture, depicting through the music, the atmosphere, the main topic and the characters of each portrait.

Source: Cubarte


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