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  • 09 / 30 / 2006

By Joaquín Borges Triana

After a short break, Cultural Centre Pablo de la Torriente Brau reinitiates its intense work. To Trova musical movement lovers imaginary curtains of Muralla 63 courtyard scenario reopens giving space to the next edition of A guitarra limpia show today, Sept 30 at 5 p.m.

Now those in charge of taking up the concert are members of duo Cofradía composed of Eusebio (Pachi) Ruiz Silvén (guitar and voice mounter) and Liamer Llorente Góngora (singer and minor instruments percussionist).

Cofradía's following in the musical circle began in Moa province, where the duo came into existence but today, they perform in Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, which has become their adoptive land.

I remember I met Pachi and Liamer a few years ago, when both of them were members of a Moa-based musical band at that time in Holguín for Romerías de Mayo celebration. The band played a very beautiful song by Fernando Cabrera that then had its moment and Beethovens Ninth Symphony; central theme of the fete. After the band disbanded and again, framed into the Romerías celebration, I happened to meet the two singers in the city of parks, who already formed Anhelos Duet.

With that pen name they performed in a number of releases organized by AHS, as well in troubadour gatherings Longina, Trova viva o Al sur de mi mochila and Fiesta of the Ibero-American Culture and Nationality- style events. In parallel with it and from May 1999, they started working in the tourism sector. This is how from then on and until 2001 they came to play temporarily in Varadero and definitely in Trinidad to develop their two-line projection.

At a certain point they decided to rename the duo as Cofradía and under the new artistic name toured of European countries playing in scenarios of Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Spain. The tour brought the attention into the fact not a few Cuban troubadours had presented in Scandinavian and Central Europe areas in recent years with good acceptance thus penetrating (in most cases indirectly and without enterprise support) a market that might be thought of being a language barrier but that in the case of Pachi and Liamer (and in other examples like that of Ariel Díaz and Amanda Cepero) the proposal of Cofradía is welcome.

The duos repertoire features themes the members themselves author as well as those of varied composers. And their versions are not simply reproductions of the work of people like Pavel Urquiza or Luis Alberto Barbería provided they rejoice making a product that authentically differs from the original.

All the abovementioned can be confirmed by coming to see Pachi & Liamer next concert entitled Anhelos de Cofradía to take place on Saturday, Sept 30 at 5 p.m. in the cosy courtyard of Centro Pablo. See you there.

Source: Cubarte


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