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By Nabil García

After three years of remaining on a summer daylight savings time schedule, Cubas National Electrical Union decided to go back to its normal schedule during this month of October.

On Saturday night, October 28 going into Sunday, October 29, at 01:00 , watches should be set back one hour - going back to 00:00 hours - returning to the normal schedule, which in Cuba is known as the winter schedule.

The measure of using daylight savings time has become generalized in several countries, given that during summertime, days are longer and it is easier to take advantage of the sunlight.

In winter, the days are shorter because sunset comes earlier and the electricity demand goes up because of less natural light.

In Cuba, because of electricity generation shortages, it was decided to maintain the summer daylight savings schedule for three years; however, the country is now in a position to produce all the energy it needs, which is why it was decided to go back to the regular schedule.

The remodeling of thermoelectric plants and their adaptation for consumption of Cuban crude oil; the installation of alternative generating plants and the repair of distribution networks have made it possible to increase and guarantee electricity generation in the country.
Source: Granma International

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