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Cuban roller gets to a third of record breaking cigar

The new world's largest cigar has already a third of its final length, which will reach next August 12th in this city in the hands of its creator, the renowned cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto). Read More

Revolico website unblocked in Cuba

After more than eight years blocked in Cuba, the online classifieds site has returned to the on-line Cuban world. Read More

US Coast Guard repatriates almost 100 Cuban migrants

The US Coast Guard has repatriated 97 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, since July 30. Read More

Underground Tattoo Parlors in Cuba

Trying to make a living as a tattoo artist in Cuba hasn't always been easy, as even today, the legality of tattoos is a very gray area Read More

Cuban dissident continues on hunger strike after being hospitalized

Fariñas has already accumulated 11 days on hunger strike and thirst after calling for voluntary discharge from the hospital. Read More

Vietnam donates 5,000 tons of rice to Cuba

The delivery took effect Thursday, and corresponds to the gesture of offering starred in September 2015 by the then president of that country, Truong Tan Sang, within the framework of his visit to the island. Read More

American transgender actress Candis Cayne in Cuba for LGBT event

Candis Cayne will travel to the country with Jessi Calzado’s travel company, Cuba Inspires, as their first LGBT ambassador to Cuba and to take part in the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Read More

Cuba: 2-Currency System

Cuba is a country with one political party and two currencies. There are CUCs, or convertible pesos, mainly for tourists and the wealthy. And there are Cuban pesos, which is what almost all Cubans are paid in — and what they use daily. Read More

Illegal street racing in Cuba with cars from the 1930s

Illegal street racing in Cuba with cars from the 1930s. Recognized racers in the Cuban illegal street scene share their experiences. Read More

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