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People try and talk about Cuban food

A few people try Cuban food for the first time and talk about their impressions Read More

Cuban medical contingent proposed for Nobel Peace Prize

Jose Manuel Ramos-Horta, former President of Timor Leste, announced that in his capacity as Nobel Peace Prize he nominated this year the Cuban Henry Reeve medical contingent to such high recognition. Read More

Switzerland donates 150 tons of powdered milk to Cuba

Switzerland gave Cuba on Tuesday a donation of 150 tons of milk powder that will be used for social programs for children, elderly people and pregnant women, according to state television. Read More

EXCITING! Father travels to Cuba to meet his son

Emigration leaves many painful scenes, many injuries, loneliness and loss. Read More

Cubans trying to reach US stuck in limbo in Central America

Thousands of Cubans trying to get to the US are stranded in Central America. Read More

Cuba has a “huge need” to develop from within & by itself

Juan Triana Barros, a professor of economics at the University of Havana, speaks on what changes the Cuban government needs to meet the state’s economic model. Read More

Transgender in Cuba

Three transgender Cubans describe the challenges of living in Havana. Read More

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