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Raw chicken breast and old clothes with "odd smell" in a famous Cuban state restaurant

The state gastronomy in Cuba continues showing signs of not being up to the self-employed business, becoming strong competitors. Read More

Cuba: Where oil is not only what is lacking

In the offices where the mantle of mystery that covers the sleeping caiman is woven, ministers and subordinates, presidents and secretaries will turn their faces to the reality that they themselves have built with their inefficiency. Read More

Díaz-Canel wants to know where the state fuel is going to stop

Visiting Mayabeque, Díaz-Canel identified the fundamental problems of the province that are very similar to those of the rest of the country: water supply, deterioration of roads and education and health infrastructures, chains of defaults and theft of fuel. Read More

Díaz-Canel recognizes the shortage of basic food in Cuba

The governor admitted that vegetable oil, bread, eggs and chicken are missing on the island. Read More

Holguín: the province that most supported the "No" in the referendum of the Constitution in Cuba

14.4% of the people of Holguin who went to vote, opposed the constitutional text of the Government. They are closely followed by Guantanamorans (13.9%); residents in Las Tunas and Mayabeque (10.6% each) and Havana (10.1%). Read More

Cuban diplomat responds to criticism of the referendum: "Yes because we felt like it"

Cuba's ambassador to Austria, Croatia and Slovenia confesses in a boast of sincerity that he won in the referendum because he wanted the communists. Read More

This Sunday agreement enters into force between Cuba and Mexico

The information collected by both parties may be used "in any administrative or judicial process." Read More

Shortage in Santiago de Cuba: "Gentlemen, it's over!"

A discouraging panorama threatens the resurgence of a second Special Period in Cuba. Read More

The last social experiment of the Government of Cuba

Field schools converted into housing for farmers: does it work? Read More

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