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Artistic teaching and the education in Cuba

Some years ago, when following the idea of the Chief Commandant Fidel Castro Ruz, started the transformation in primary education, many people did not know how was to be fulfilled the purpose that student learn more. Time has answered the question. Read More

Cubans paid homage to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. on the 40th anniversary of his assassination

In the ceremony, Cuban Reverend Raul Suarez, director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, described the Nobel Peace laureate as a "prophet in the biblical sense", because "he always got to the bottom of the problem and passionately denounced its evils." Read More

Diverse But Selective the Cultural Tourism in Cuba

Over the years the number of people from around the world that choose Cuba as a tourist destination has increased. Defending the national identity via diverse but also selective artistic offers becomes a challenge. On Wednesday participants at the 7th Congress of the National Association of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC) discussed the ties between culture and tourism. Read More

Moments from the Romerías in Holgín Cuba

Under the slogan Patria es Humanidad (Homeland is Humanity) and in tribute to the 110th anniversary of José Martís crossing through the territory of Holguín, young people from here and there show their artistic expressions through the different cultural manifestations in the best stage of the world, the city of Holguín and in the happiest festivities: the May Romerías. Read More

All of the man and all of the time: José Martí

With the recent circulation of six new volumes, the critical edition of the Complete work by José Martí reaches the number sixteen of the series, a bit more than the third part of the total number of volumes that is expected to reach this collection. Read More

Lecuona, Cuban genius for the world

Cuba has achieved a world-wide reputation throughout history thanks to its matchless musical values. It is said that in Cuba we can find a talented musician everywhere. However, there are always outstanding personalities that become genius. Read More

A Curious Cuban Jewel: Morón Railroad Station

One of the buildings that most attract those who visit Morón city is the Railroad Station. Although the construction of this structure concluded in 1923, as still can be read on the inscription topping its facade, it was not inaugurated until July 14, 1924. Read More

Dedicate pieces to Cuba: Russian intellectuals

The documentary Hemingway-Historia de la Soledad (Hemingway- History of loneliness) and the book Cuba remembranzas 40 años atrás (Cuba remembrances forty years ago) are an example of the love of Russian intellectuals for our country, declared the Cuban ambassador, Jorge Martí. Read More

Popular Carnivals Enjoyed in Cuban Mountain Community

The people of this eastern Cuban town, on the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range, are enjoying their carnival feasts, renowned for traditions dating to over 200 years ago. Read More

The Colonial Fortresses of Cuba

The Cuban archipelago, one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the Caribbean, benefits from a national scenario rich in history from the Spanish colonial period. Read More

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