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Moments from the Romerías in Holgín Cuba
It has been already twelve consecutive years that in the month of May, Holguín trembles to open itself up to the visitors and become for an entire week the capital of young art with the hopes of being of the world in a near future because the Romerías (Procession) are more and more important and at least poets, narrators, musicians, painters, dancers, photographers and movie producers from more than 35 countries are already aware of the festivities that sing to happiness and peace.

The opening parade starting from the instituto preuniversitario vocacional de Ciencias Exactas José Martí (Pure Sciences vocational pre-university institute), in the modern part of the city and until the Loma de la Cruz, a symbol of traditions, had its main site at the La Periquera Museum and it united even more the artists and writers from different cultures but with a common denominator: to show that a better world id possible because the new generations want it that way.

Artists and writers from the provinces as well as foreign students from Cuban universities were marching together. They are also in Romerías with cultural projects that include typical dances from their birth countries, undoubtedly main characters from the Fiestas de los Abrazos (Embrace Parties) that started last year.

Faustino Oramas, el Guayabero, shared his time once again with the young people and there were theater, dance and music, martial arts and flying pigeons demonstrations, as well as the performance by the students from the Raúl Gómez García Vocational Art School, directed by professor Marisel Godoy, which turned out to be spectacular and achieved the longest applauses from the also multi-national public.

The streets, the roof and the balconies of the ancient building La Periquera were the stage of this waste of professionalism and artistic rigor achieved by the director and choreographer of the Codanza company. This is even more commendable if we take into account that the age of the dancers ranges between eight and fourteen years and that they are students from primary and secondary education.

After the moment when Alexis Triana, provincial Culture director and president of the Organizing Committee of the Romerías, announced the Artistic Youth World Festival for next year and the choir from the Rodrigo Prats Lyric Theater performed Ode to Happiness, the young people continued their walk and they did not stop until the summit of the Loma de las Cruz, carriying with them in their march the Cuban flag and the replica of the Ax of Holguín.

Also on the summit of the hill there was art with the style of the folkloric company La Campana and the rock group Moneda Dura gave a concert that attracted hundreds of admirers despite the strong sun, which seems to be on holiday too. The Ax and the flag with the three colors will remain during the Romerías in the symbolic hill that identifies the city.

The Art and Tradition Handicraft International Festival was inaugurated in the Bayado gallery from the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (Cuban Fund of Cultural Heritages) while the young people took hold of the Loma de la Cruz. This festival showed valuable collections from creators from Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela and Spain, among other countries. They are very well appreciated by the public that fills the place where this exhibition is shown.

(Mirador Cultural)

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