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The Media Blockade as a Form of Cultural War to Cuba.

Whenever reference is made to a "media blockade", and its systematic aggressive nature, both at the individual and collective level, is not denounced, we run the risk of playing along with an ideological trap that gets us used to the habit of accepting it as a regular guest...after all "the body gets used to everything". Read More

Churches Nominated for Cuban Prizes

Two traditional examples of colonial architecture in the Cuban city of Camagüey have been nominated for highly-coveted Cuban awards. Read More

DVD Commemorates Cardinal's Cuba Trip

A Salesian community in Cuba presented a DVD commemorating the visit of Benedict XVI's secretary of state. Read More

New Entrance Methodology to the Following Teaching in Las Tunas, Cuba .

The aptitude exams and the integral interviews that facilitate the continuity of studies for the ninth graders in this eastern province of Las Tunas began with a new entrance methodology to the following teaching. Read More

Debate Bush and the Pope on Cuba embargo

It was more than a decade ago that Pope John Paul II capped his historic visit to Cuba with a harsh condemnation of the U.S. embargo against the island. Read More

Documentary "Men on deck" on Silvio Rodríguez (the Cuban singer) to be premiered in Guatemala

The documentary Hombres sobre cubierta (Men on deck) that narrates a stage in the life of the Cuban singer and composer Silvio Rodríguez, is to be presented for the first time this weekend in cinemas of the Guatemalan capital city. Read More

"Mario Sanchez" senior citizens Center in Holguin province, Cuba, Nominated for National Restoration Award

The "Mario Sanchez" senior citizens center in Holguin province, built nearly a 100 years ago, is nominated for the National Award for Restoration for the renovation work being carried out there. Read More

DVD collection titled 'Open Rallies of the Revolution is a grand cuban multimedia work comprising 37 volumes

The DVD collection titled 'Open Rallies of the Revolution is a grand multimedia work comprising 37 volumes that feature various manifestations carried out by the Cuban people, as part of the general action named by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as the Battle of Ideas. Read More

After 47 Years of the US Bombardments: Cuba Still Resisting

On April 15th, 1961, B-26 airplanes disguised with the insignia of the Cuban Air Force bombarded two air bases and a civilian airport in Cuba, a prelude to the US backed mercenary invasion on April 17th. Read More

Camagüey, Cuba Restoring Churches "La Soledad" and "La Merced"

"La Soledad" Church and "La Merced" Complex (church and convent), two symbolic buildings of the colonial architecture in this city, have been nominated to the National Awards of Restoration and Preservation, respectively. Read More

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