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Artistic teaching and the education in Cuba
Resides learning computing, children have access to important audio visual means that help them to understand complex topics and allow them to deepen in the contents. But that is not all. In order to promoting the comprehensive education, graduates from the School of Art Instructors, won their spaces in the schools and already in many cases there are different groups of people who love different art expressions.

Dayana Báez Galera, instructor of Plastic Arts from the Gustavo Ameijeiras school of the capital municipality San Miguel del Padrón, founded a workshop of Creation and Appreciation in which take part students from primary school until six grade.

"I love to work with children, to see them every day and discover the beautiful secrets of art and how they work to dominate complex techniques. It is necessary to mark the difference in the workshops according to the complexity of the topics and the age ."

"The Creation and Appreciation workshop is give to every student in hours established by the teaching. For example, to first and second grade we boost the learning from games, while from third to sixth we deepen them in different techniques of Plastic Arts and give them notions of the most important works of universal art."

The 21 years old young teacher who has 2 years of experience, explains to Tribuna that after the end of the official day, she dedicates part of her time to Creation workshops, with children with attitudes, in order to develop the talent.

The students of this last workshop have won several awards in provincial and municipality competitions with the Papier Maché technique and the theme care of environment, as a tribute to the artist Antonia Eiriz Vázquez, who introduced this technique in Cuba through a communitarian project.

"I also promote visits to museum with children, as well as to historic and cultural sites and the care and preservation of our environment", she ends.


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