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Sancti Spíritus with one of the lowest child mortality rate in the country

Sancti Spiritus registers a rate of 3,4 on child mortality rate per 1000 born live, one of the lowest of the country, and lower than the one the province reached last year. Read More

Yumari in her debut to the World Cup of Cycling

The cyclist from Sancti Spiritus Yumari Gonzalez makes debut this Thursday in the initial day of the third phase of the World Cup of cycling track, foreseen until the next Saturday, event which assembles in Cali, Colombia, to what more shine the cycling in the whole planet. Read More

Sancti Spíritus province ahead in the agricultural branch

Doctor Adolfo Rodríguez Nodal, Chief of the National Group of the Urban Agriculture has declared this acknowledgment to the press. Read More

Cuba's Meteorology Congress Tackles Tropical Storms

The Fifth National Meteorology Congress continues in Havana with a session dedicated to tropical storms and weather forecast. Read More

Cuba’s Brisas Trinidad del Mar Ready for High Season

Cuban four-star-all-inclusive Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar is ready to welcome the high season period after a restoration process in which the improvement of the air conditioning systems and the comfort of rooms were top priority. Read More

Hotel del Rijo at Sancti Spíritus province

The enchantment of a hotel at colonial times. It is a travel through imagination, Cuba’s 16-room hotel Encanto del Rijo, is located at the island’s central city of Sancti Spiritus.  Read More

Restoration network to start refurbishing the Cuban heritage

The Cuban network of Offices of the Curator of the City will implement a wide program of actions for higher education and exchange, the plan had been created since December 2008. Read More

Agroecology flourishes in Sancti Spiritus province

This practice was largely acknowledged during the International Meeting held in Havana.<br /> Read More

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