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Palacio de Valle, monument of Cienfuegos, Cuba

Next to the Bay of Jagua and like out of a fantastic tale, the Palacio de Valle is an exclusivity from the past. Today it is run by the Ministry of Tourism and stands next to the Jagua Hotel, as a source of pride for the inhabitants of the South Center of the country. Read More

Cienfuegos, Cuba Focuses on Prevention to Combat Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

The Pan-American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Carmen survey project, first implemented in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos in the 1990s, has begun phase two of its study that aims to detect non-transmissible diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Read More

Children's Surgical Services in Central Cuba

The central Cuban province of Cienfuegos guarantees excellent children's surgical services, as part of efforts to improve the people's quality of life. Read More

Increased Birth Rate in Cienfuegos, Cuba

The health system in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos reported a moderated increase in the birth rate last year, bringing the decreasing trend of that indicator over the past few years to a stop. Read More

Tourist Attractions and Cuban History

Last year, more than 5 000 tourists, primarily from Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, visited the town of Remedios, located in the central province of Villa Clara -a record number of foreign visitors to the 8th village founded by Spanish colonialists in Cuba. Read More

In Cuba Prestigious Latin American Intellectuals

Prestigious Latin American Intellectuals who are jury members of the 50th Casa de las Américas Literary Prize toured the Urban Historic Centre of Cienfuegos City, declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. Read More

A new book on Tania la Guerrillera to be presented in Cienfuegos, Cuba

A new book on Tamara Bunke Bider, the revolutionary known as Tania la Guerrillera, will be presented in Cienfuegos among the literary novelties from the XVIII Book Festival Cuba 2009. Read More

In Cienfuegos, Cuba: Improved Water Supply in the Guamuhaya Massif

The inhabitants of the most remote areas in that mountainous region of Cienfuegos are now receiving drinking water with the installation of about 25 kilometres of water pipes<br /> Read More

A great cultural impact to be received by the people from the Cienfuegos Mountains, Cuba

The inhabitants of the mountains in the province of Cienfuegos participated, during the year 2008, in twelve cultural events of great impact in the community. Read More

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