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Cuban rum has no secrets

The history of Cuban rum is as old as colonization itself, given that is a product extracted from sugar cane, which was brought to the island by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to this continent. Read More

Neurology 2010 Congress Underway in Cienfuegos Province

The National Congress on Neurology was inaugurated on Tuesday in this city, with the presence of professionals from around the country and from another eight nations.<br /> Read More

Benny More, Vivacious and Ardent Harmony

My grandfather met Benny More. My father heard of him since he was very young and grew enjoying his music. Read More

Frank Fernandez to play at Tomás Terry Theater

The renowned Cuban pianist Frank Fernández will take the stage once more in the Tomás Terry Theater, in this central Cuba city, an institution that is celebrating its anniversary 120. Read More

Cuban Cyclist Breaks the Foreign Spell in Vuelta a Cuba

Cuban Yans Carlos Arias won the second part of the ninth stage of the 35th Vuelta a Cuba XXXV, and broke the record string of 10 consecutive victories from foreign riders. Read More

Alcolea Becomes new Leader in Vuelta a Cuba

Defending champion Arnold Alcolea claimed his rightful position as leader and yellow jersey wearer at the 35th Vuelta a Cuba cycling tour after winning this Tuesday the 8th stage. Read More

Cienfuegos' Prado Route, unique of its kind within the tour through Cuba

Once again the traditional lap around Cienfuegos' Prado will take place within the Tour through Cuba; only that this time it will be the only one during the 35th edition of the main competition of Cuban Cycle racing, to be held next February 17th at 9:00 a.m.<br /> Read More

Zaida del Río exhibits her work in Cienfuegos City

The multi-awarded artist Zaida del Río is having a personal exhibition in this city, where she includes important moments of her work in visual arts. Read More

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