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Luxury tourism is a target of the Cuban government, which hopes to raise $ 822 million to build golf courses throughout the island and has begun to define where some of them will be located. The areas of Cienfuegos Rancho Luna-Pasacaballos and Inglés-Tatahagua Beach, located on the coast, plan to hold at least ten of these facilities, said on Wednesday the official press.
The proposal includes the construction of more than 22,400 rooms for guests who choose this tourist option. In total, there will be about 1,402 hectares according to this pastime, in which facilities already in operation, as the Dolphinarium and dive center are included.
In late June, the business director of the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, José Daniel Alonso, told reporters that during the first quarter of 2016 two projects of golf courses with British and Chinese investment evaluated in 360 million and 462 million dollars respectively will begin.


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