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Venezuela, Cuba Preparing to Bring Cienfuegos Refinery Online

The countries' state oil companies Petroleos de Venezuela SA and CUPET formed a joint venture to bring the refinery online after it sat dormant for 14 years, Chavez said today while attending a summit for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Saudi Arabia, according to a government statement sent by e-mail. Read More

Cuba Vice President Stresses Lower Energy Consumption

He checked the state of works at the oil refinery Camilo Cienfuegos, investment by a Cuba-Venezuela joint venture which will begin processing 65 thousand barrels per day in the first stage by the end of next December. Read More

A Petrochemical Plant will be constructed by Cuba and Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Sunday the installation of a petrochemical plant for the production of oil by-products such as medicaments, cosmetics, clothes, and footwear in the Cuban central province of Cienfuegos. Read More

Benny More in memoriam

Bennys figure is ancestrally linked to Santa Isabel de las Lajas Read More

Tomas Acea: garden rather than cemetery

It was inaugurated on December 14, 1926 and for its construction were chosen wavy lands belonging to the Acea family Read More

Benny Moré Festival on style

Notable flutist, composer and orchestrater Orlando, Maraca, Valle will head the event that will host international guest artists like Camilo Azuquita (Panama), the 18 year-old Mexican vocalist Irving López and the bands Cabi Jazz (Venezuela) and C-Image (Japan) directed by its front singer Rico Fukumura. Read More

Pasacaballo Hotel reopens for tourism

Cienfuegos was founded by French settlers in 1829. It is known as the Pearl of the South for its architecture and has been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Read More

Cienfuegos Botanical Garden has 400 orchid breeds

Moreover, the garden treasures over 2,000 plants, including more than 70 exotic species, 280 breeds of palm trees, Jaguey (65) and bamboo (23). Read More

El Nicho, a paradise for vacationers

There you can find the countrys most outstanding waterfalls, nearly 15 meters high. El Salto, 300 kilometres from Havana, bathes its surroundings with a thin mist. Read More

Historic renovation: A new tendency in Cuban Tourism

With tourism becoming one of the driving engines of the Cuban economy, the restoration of facilities with patrimonial value has become a new development strategy Read More

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