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Che Guevara Hospital Inaugurated in Brazil

Aleida Guevara, the daughter of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, inaugurated in Umbauba, in the Brazilian state of Sergipe, a hospital named after the legendary guerrilla. Read More

France Reproaches EP Stance against Cuba

French organizations and important figures reproached the European Parliament (EP) stance against Cuba and said that the community bloc has "a strategic incapacity" to go out of the US protection. Read More

Cuban rum has no secrets

The history of Cuban rum is as old as colonization itself, given that is a product extracted from sugar cane, which was brought to the island by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to this continent. Read More

The Franchi Alfaro House: El Escorial Café in OLd Havana

This former colonial mansion, also known as the home of the Marquises of the Royal Proclamation," is located on one corner of Plaza Vieja, and forms part of a group of houses with similar 18th century architectural characteristics. Read More

Russian Ship Sails to Cuba

The Russian ship Kruzenshtern began an international crossing which will take it to the Cuba’s Havana port by the end of April. Read More

The City of the Big Earthenware Jars is Camaguey

This location is known as the City of the Big Earthenware Jars, a name given just after its final settlement, inland, supposedly at the beginning of January, 1528. Read More

Cuba, University Changed March 13, 1957, Alarcón

Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon stated that Cuba and Havana's University changed forever and the disgraceful past overcome with martyrs'blood will never return. Read More

When you Leave Havana's Vedado

I traveled to the eastern cities of Las Tunas and Puerto Padre on a working visit to receive the Replica of the Pen with which Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo (El Cucalambe). Read More

Cuba has remained under attack by the USA, states Ashaki Binta

Unlike medical teams from other countries working in Haiti since the earthquake, Cuban doctors – already 500 strong in Haiti when the quake hit – are winning high praise from the people for doing everything possible to avoid amputations. Read More

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