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The most recent carnival at Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens), a distinctive event taking place in the famous tourist destination located north of the province of Ciego Ávila, stood out for the authenticity of the Cuban cultural performances.

The carnival, held at the Blau Colonial Hotel, enhanced the Avilanian tradition by means of floats,  parades, conga bands and the performance of folkloric groups, such as La Cinta (the ribbon), integrated by Jamaican emigrants from the municipality of

Victoria Acosta, deputy director general of the hotel, explained that the event, that gathered all the cultural groups of  the hotel chain, is part of the revival of the centre’s complex  which has opened with full capacity after several years of repairs.

Acosta added that they are engaged in a program to recover the preference of clients and guarantee their return in future seasons, for which it is necessary to foster a service of excellence.

Yixania Prado Álvarez, main specialist of the Ministry of Tourism in Ciego de Ávila, informed that the resort is in excellent conditions and has over three thousand rooms available, due to the opening of all the facilities with renovated products.

Among the actions to improve the number of tourists in 2010, is the creation of new facilities, such as the dolphin aquarium, a nautical site on Roca Arena beach and other local off-hotel facilities between the keys Coco and Guillermo, as explained by
 Prado Álvarez.

She added that the number of marine excursions has increased, as well as the terrestrial ones in order to bolster city tourism, among other options, according to the characteristics of customers.


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