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New Photos Show Smiling Fidel Castro Out in Public

<div align="justify"> HAVANA (AP) -- New pictures of Fidel Castro show the stooped but smiling former leader venturing out to meet with workers at a Cuban scientific think tank, the first to show him in public since he got sick four years ago.<br /> </div> Read More

Archaeological excavations: Havana in past centuries

<div align="justify"> The most recent archaeological excavations carried out in the Havanan historical center threw remains of Busycon snails. </div> Read More

NYC/July 24: An Evening in Solidarity with Cuba

<div align="justify"> An Evening in Solidarity with Cuba. A celebration of the 57th anniversary of the July 26, 1953, assault on the Moncada barracks that launched the revolutionary war that toppled the Batista dictatorship in 1959.<br /> </div> Read More

A cultural evening as part of the 3rd Annual International Che Guevara Conference

<div align="justify"> Saturday night of the conference will be a special evening about the struggle for freedom of the 5 Cuban heroes held in US prisons. </div> Read More

The Revolution Square

The Revolution Square is, for many, Havana City’s heart. Read More

3rd Annual International Che Guevara Conference CUBA & REVOLUTIONARY INTERNATIONALISM

Two Day Conference, Saturday June 26 &amp; Sunday June 27, 2010 Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave at Georgia St ~ Vancouver, Canada Read More

Paul Lafargue, Cuban husband of Karl Marx's daughter

HAVANA (PL) Fate plays with chance and in one of his whims wanted the Cuban PaulLafargue to know Karl Marx, founder of socialist doctrine, and also to marry his daughter Laura. Read More

Piedad Córdoba: Cuba is not alone

The Colombian Liberal Party Senator Piedad Cordoba said Cuba is not alone, because many in the world love, respect, and admire the island. Read More

Tourist route traces footsteps of 'Che' Guevara

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — In life, Ernesto &quot;Che&quot; Guevara fought to overthrow a corrupt, capitalist elite. In death, he is spawning his own tourism industry — soon to include a three-country &quot;Che Trail.&quot; Read More

Cuban Perspectives on Cuban Socialism

Cuban intellectuals discuss the challenges facing the Revolution today, including governmental and economic reforms, social inequality, poverty,issues of gender, race, and religion, and the expansion of popular participation rice Read More

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