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Ballerinas Sculpted in Cuba Travel to Brazil, USA

Ivory, marble and copper ballerinas sculpted by Cuban Project Fidias captivate collectors from Brazil and the United States, main markets of the works, announced today promoters of that artistic initiative. Read More

Cuban Creator's Work Captivates Brazilian Public

A small sample of the renowned Cuban artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho) seduces today the audience participating here in the Cuban cultural week in Brazil, at the National Museum of the Republic. Read More

Miami sculpture marks 50-year anniversary of Cuba's child exodus

Miami-Dade College unveiled a large-scale sculpture to mark the 50th anniversary of Operation Peter Pan, which resulted in 14,048 unaccompanied kids leaving Cuba in what is considered the largest child exodus in the West during the 20th century. Read More

Cuban and German Art Mix in Berlin

A new presentation of the Cuban-German fine arts cultural project "El Vuelo del Bronce" (Bronze Flight) is open to the public through October 24 at main CelloMusik Hall in this capital, with works by renowned artists from the two countries that have been working together since 2006. Read More

Young Cuban artists to exhibit in the United States

Young Cuban artists Jeosviel Abstengo Chaviano, Liesther Amador González, and Fernando Caluff, will represent Cuba on the first edition of Hispanoamericanos, Traveling Souls exhibition, scheduled to be held at the Albernathy Arts Center, in the US city of Georgia. Read More

Viredo Espinosa dies; Cuban Abstract Expressionist painter was 83

Viredo Espinosa was a member of the Group of the Eleven, who introduced non-figurative, abstract works into modern art in Cuba. His work was greatly influenced by his Afro-Cuban upbringing. Read More

Cuban Painters Exhibit their Works in London

Four Cuban artists were granted gold medals in recognition of their participation at a visual arts exhibition organized by Britain and China in the context of London’s Olympics. Read More

Ian Padron to attend Traverse City Film Festival Feature

The Cuban filmmaker will participate as a judge in the contest which will run from July 31 to August 5. Read More

Cuban Media Lament Death of cuban painter Vicente Rodriguez Bonachea

Cuban media on Saturday lamented the death of painter and illustrator Juan Vicente Rodriguez Bonachea, one of the most prominent contemporary artists of the island, who died at the age of 55. Read More

Cuban Artist to Exhibit Paintings and Sculptures in US University

<p style="text-align: justify;">04 de Septiembre 2010. Camaguey, Cuba.- Works by Cuban artist Martha Jimenez, from the province of Camaguey, will be exhibited at the Emerson College in Boston, US, at the invitation of the institution. Read More

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