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Cuban painter Nelson Domínguez to exhibit most recent pictorial work in Japan
The exhibition is made up by 35 pieces and more than halve of them are inspired by the natural beauties from Matsuyama and were conceived during the previous stay of the artist in that city, informed the Cuban Ambassador in that Asian nation.

The source pointed out that Shozo Shiraishi, Director of the Museum, praised the quality of the work by Domínguez and highlighted the privilege that has been for the inhabitants of that city to be able to enjoy his artistic collections successively for almost ten years.

José Fernández de Cossío, Cuban ambassador in Japan and special guest to the opening of the exhibition remarked the fruitful trajectory of the creator whose work is known and highly valued by the Japanese people and he also highlighted the close work relationship of Domínguez with men and nature.

The note adds that one of the pieces that was most noted among the assistants was the piece Siento bajo mis talones el costillar de Rocinante (I feel under my heels the ribs from Rocinante) dedicated to Che Guevara.

Nelson Domínguez (Santiago de Cuba-1947) is a multi-faceted artist who has faced successfully different oplastic art manifestations such as engraving, sculpture, ceramics and drawing. He has exhibited his work in France, Japan, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico and the United States.

The author of well known pieces among which are Preludio de un rapto guajiro (Prelude to a peasant kidnapping), Los rostros de mi Isla (The faces from my Island) and Mujer con abanico (A woman with a fan), Nelson Domínguez is one of the most important exponents of contemporary Cuban painting.


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