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Bayamo, land of remembrances

San Salvador de Bayamo was the second town founded by Diego Velazquez in 1513, amid the fertile valley of Cauto River, very close to Sierra Maestra legendary mountains. Read More

International Book Fair Over in Sancti Spiritus

The 19th International Book Fair was closed in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus with a play on the book Paquelé by local writer Julio Llanes. The play, which was taken to the stage by the Garabato theater project, recreated some of the book’s passages. Read More

Abel Prieto Attends Int Book Fair in Sancti Spiritus

The 19th International Book Fair underway in the central province of Sancti Spiritus was attended Thursday by Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto, who corroborated that the event goes beyond its commercial value and is turned into a cultural celebration.<br /> <br /> Read More

Cuban academics will not go to Valparaiso due to political manipulation

The Cuba’s Language Academy will not attend to the 5th International Congress of the Spanish language, to be held from March 2nd-5th in the Chilean city of Valparaiso, considering that &quot;people with no reference to reflect and discuss the course of Spanish language have been invited, and whose presence in the event can only be interpreted as a political provocation.&quot; Read More

Argentine Culture Secretary Extols Cuban Book Fair

Argentina's Secretary of Culture Jorge Coscia called Cuba 2010 International Book Fair a party of great vitality which shows the enthusiasm of the Cuban people. Read More

Book on Legendary Compay Segundo Available for Cuban Readers

Siempre Compay (Forever Compay), a text by Lino Betancourt on the legendary Cuban musician, was presented on Saturday at the 19th edition of Havana’s International Book Fair. Read More

Literature Nobel Laureate Praises Cuban Education

Nobel laureate for literature in 1991, Nadine Gordimer, praised education of the Cuban people and its reading habit of world literature. Read More

New Book on Alberto Granado and Che Guevara

Motorcycle Diaries by Brazilian director Walter Salles not only popularized the travels of a young Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and friend Alberto Granado through South America but also an enduring friendship.<br /> Read More

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