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December 22nd

Trinidad, a Cuban city special for diving

Dive center is the Cayo Blanco International Dive Center located in the Marina on the Ancon Peninsula. Read More

Conan Learns To Dance Cuban Rumba

Dancing is a huge part of Cuban culture, inspiring Conan to take an intensive lesson to master the erotic rumba. Read More

Gamboa vs Hylom Williams

Yuriorkis Gamboa Toledano is a Cuban professional boxer who, as an amateur boxer won the Olympic gold medal in the flyweight division at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Read More

US-Cuba relations: one year after normalization of ties

Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro shocked the world one year ago (Dec. 17) when they announced the United States and Cuba would end more than a half century of enmity and start normalizing relations. Read More

Castro hates the internet, so Cubans created their own

Cuba has some of the worst internet access in the world, with just 5 percent of Cubans able to access the uncensored web Read More

What Is Life Really Like In Cuba?

Get a picture of what the very basics of day-to-day life in Cuba and what it is like for the average person living there. Read More

Naked CUBA - Part 1 (Travel Adventure)

CUBA: What a country, what a culture, what an adventure!!! Cuba was one of our best adventures so far, so it's hardly surprising that this video lands straight on our highlights reel. Read More

December 21st

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw plays catch in Cuba

During a break between events of the good will tour of the MLB to Cuba, LA Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw plays catch in Cuba Read More

Tony Castro: We need to move forward and baseball can help us to do that

Fidel Castro’s younger son, Antonio, better known as Tony Castro is one of the persons who has done most to restore ties that should never be broken between the Cuban Baseball and the MLB. Read More