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Vidatox, A Cuban Medicine Designed to Restore Quality of Life

Vidatox, a compound produced by the Cuban laboratory LABIOFAM, is a medicine that restores quality of life to patients with cancer and other diseases, where the main difficulty is pain, Doctor Mariela Guevara said here. Read More

Low Fertility in Cuba, a Health Problem

The main demographic problem Cuba currently faces is fertility, with a continually declining birthrate. Statistics offered by Grissell Rodriguez, a researcher from the Center for Demographic Studies (Cedem), show that as of 1990, the fertility rate for teenagers began to decrease, becoming quite stable and with a slight continued decline until 2006. Read More

Cuban Legislators Arrange Final Details on Foreign Investment Law

<br />Cuban legislators are meeting today, first in commissions and later in plenary session, to complete preparation for the final discussion on the project of a new Foreign Investment Law. Read More

Cuban President Raul Castro Decorates Vietnamese Prime Minister

President Raul Castro bestowed the Order of Jose Marti upon Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, who concludes an official visit to this country. Read More