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The Double Bonus Cubacel has begun, now with Calls and Messages to Cuba for Free in

It started the new promotion <a href="">Double Bonus Cubacel </a>to be held between 11 and 14 March. This time we give you much more and always with the best price: <ul> <li><strong>CUBACEL DOUBLE BALANCE</strong>: The cell in Cuba receives double balance. For example: If cell recharges receives € 16.30 40CUC. </li> <li><strong>50 FREE SMS</strong>: To send to Cuba from our website. SMS do not expire, you can use them whenever you want. </li> <li><strong>5% OF BALANCE TO CALL</strong>: So you can call for free using our new service to calling Cuba: <a href=""></a>. For example: With a recharge € 20 get € 1 free balance, a € 30 you get € 1.50 </li> </ul> Read More