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Vidatox, a compound produced by the Cuban laboratory LABIOFAM, is a medicine that restores quality of life to patients with cancer and other diseases, where the main difficulty is pain, Doctor Mariela Guevara said here.

The expert met yesterday evening at the Cuban embassy with colleagues from the Argentinian medical and pharmacology community, as part of a visit to explain the clinical benefits of Vidatox, which has begun to be distributed here.

The product, made of blue scorpion venom, is not an antitumor medicine, "but has proven results in restoring patients' quality of life," Guevara stated.

"This is a guaranteed tool for physicians when all other treatments to alleviate patients' pain, inflammation, and other ailments with chronic or terminal diseases have been exhausted," the expert told Prensa Latina.

Maria Ana Silvestrini was among the participants in the lecture. She underwent surgery twice in 2010 to remove cancerous tumors from her colon, and agreed to share her experience with the medicine, produced by Cuban business group LABIOFAM.

Doctor Guevara clarified that Vidatox is not a substitute for established cancer treatments, but a complement, and has no negative interaction with regular chemotherapy.

The expert told Prensa Latina that pain is the reason for the largest number of medical consults worldwide, and this product, can be used to treat patients with other ailments, not just cancer.

Those include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, degenerative arthritis and difficult clinical management diseases in general. Guevara sharred the tables showing Vidatox's positive results in clinical trials as a means of reducing pain and inflammation, compared with regular corticosteroid use.

The product has been presented in some 60 countries and is being distributed in 10 of them, while another three nations, including China and Argentina, have special import permissions.


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