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November 24th

Cuba Strengthens Trade and Investment with India

Cuba presented today in front of a large group of Indian entrepreneurs its trade and investment opportunities, and promoted the image as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Read More

Cuba’s JoJazz 2012 Kicks Off

Something unusual happened on the night of Thursday November 22, the Mella Theater was packed for the opening of JoJazz 2012. Generally this event just draws young music students and a few fans of the genre, but it seems that the story will shift from now. Read More

Cuban Singer Tony Avila to Give Concert in France

Cuban singer Tony Avila is in France to offer a unique concert with the band Toure Kunda, one of the main referents of African music. Read More

Brazilian Musicians Appreciate Warm Welcome in Cuba

Two pillars of Brazilian music, Ana Luiza and Luis Felipe Gama, highlighted here today the warm welcome given to them by the Cuban public in their two performances at the National Fine Arts Museum and Casa de las Americas. Read More

Colombian government, FARC renew peace talks in Cuba

Representatives of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group Friday renewed the peace talks in Havana, aimed at ending five decades of fighting in that country. Read More

World Smokers Pay Tribute to Famous Cuban Cigar Roller

About 300 persons of 18 nations pay tribute today to famous Cuban cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto), whose service currículum has several Guinness records, among them that of the world's longest cigar. Read More

New Tax Law Favors Cuba Economic Development

During a meeting with reporters in Havana, Juana Liliam Delgado, head of the team of Macroeconomic Policies with the Permanent Commission in charge of implementing the social and economic guidelines approved by the Cuban Communist Party, recalled that the law was updated according to the transformations underway in the country. Read More

November 23rd

Cuban Creator's Work Captivates Brazilian Public

A small sample of the renowned Cuban artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho) seduces today the audience participating here in the Cuban cultural week in Brazil, at the National Museum of the Republic. Read More

November 22nd

Gigantería vis-à-vis the Tradition “La Quema de La Tarasca”

The Gigantería project revives an old colonial Cuban tradition with “La quema de La Tarasca (Burning the Tarasque).” Read More

International Organizations Acknowledge Cuban Health Achievements

Cuba’s efforts and achievements in the benefit of the health of the people were acknowledged in Havana by the representative of the World and the Pan-American Health organizations (WHO-PAHO), Doctor Jose Luis Di Fabio.   Read More