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The president of the Sugar Technicians Association of Cuba (ATAC), Eduardo Lamadrid, affirmed today this country applies measures to carry out a profound transformation of this sector in the structural, organizational and strategic spheres.

Lamadrid presented a balance of ATACA's work before participants in the 50th Congreso of the Association, inaugurated at the Havana Convention Palace, with the attendance of 195 affiliated members and those invited from seven nations.

He said it is the duty of ATAC to take the necessary measures in order to function efficiently with its over nine thousand members, whose work will be evaluated by its performance and support to the productive process.

He stressed it is essential to work in an orderly way, with discipline in order to make true Cuban economic and social policy, leaving behind the deadweight of old way of thinking, he added.

In this initial journey, the plenary approved a declaration of sugar technicians in which they demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of the five Cuban anti terrorists, detained in U.S.jails over the last 14 years.

They also condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by that superpower on the island which has caused to this economic sector losses for over 13 billion dollars.

The Grupo Azucarero (Azcuba) Vicepresident, Wilson Morell, spoke about the agroindustry�s present day and perspectives, adding that the next harvest will have 50 sugar mills working, four more than the previous harvest.

Another similar number is planned to be added by the 2014 harvest and two more in 2015.

He stressed that sugar quality has improved, being now 99 percent pure, process that should continue in the future, as well as cane production and yields, to reach over 40 tons per hectare.

The Congress is the culmination of a process that started at grassroot level, with the participation of over nine thousand Association members.

This showed an increase by 26 percent in the amount of members and their affiliates over the last five years.

The event closing on Friday will discuss the activity of the sector, from seed selection, varieties, to cane production, sugar and sub products and other essential aspects.

The Congress is attended by technicians, professionals and researchers from Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela and other nations.

Source: Prensa Latina

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