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Popular Italian rock musician, Zucchero Fornaciari, announced a world tour to begin here on Saturday with a huge concert to promote his latest album "La Sesion Cubana", with the participation of prestigious Cuban musician

Speaking to reporters gathered at the University of the Arts in Havana, on Thursday, the artist stressed that his international tour will continue in Australia in January.

In August 2013, the tour will continue in Italy and other European countries, United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.

With an impressive display of technology brought from his country by air and sea, this time he presented 22 musicians on stage, including 16 Cubans.

The guest list includes the duo Buena Fe, Laritza Bacallo, David Blanco, X Alfonso and pianist Frank Fernández.

The concert will be taped by television in several countries and distributed in various regions later this year or early January.

Zucchero stressed that his show has no political connotation, despite his sympathies with the left-wing, and in particular with the Cuban Revolution.

About the eclecticism of the album, he said he likes musical cross-pollination and experimentation.

"La Sesion Cubana" by Zucchero was recorded in Havana last summer.

Since August, the Italian has been working on the details for the huge concert, which will showcase the largest open-air stage built in Cuba so far.

Source: Prensa Latina

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